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Dental Treatment for Children

As the child is growing there are various factors affecting his or her dental health and it is vital to have an expert opinion. The Department of Paediatric Dentistry offers comprehensive dental care for children and adolescents. Following a prevention-centric approach, our specialists encourage regular check-up and timely care to ensure that dental problems are few & far between.

Dental treatments for children

  • Multi-disciplinary dental treatment for children and adolescent
  • Preventive based solutions such as pit and fissure sealants and fluoride varnish applications
  • Restorative procedures (fillings)
  • Root canal treatments for baby teeth and permanent teeth
  • Braces for irregular teeth
  • Dental procedures Sedation dentistry and general anaesthesia
  • Dental laser
  • Computer assisted local anaesthesia shots
  • Treatment for oral habits such as thumb sucking and teeth grinding etc.
  • Dental treatments for medically compromised and intellectually differently abled children/adolescents
  • Customized diet counselling for good oral dental health
  • Protective dental sports guards
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